Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cotto Destroys Foreman

Cotto Stops Foreman - 9th Round KO

I was so happy to see Cotto come back in style on Saturday night. Everyone was watching, waiting to see if he still had any fight left inside him. Well, the answer is yes, he does. The partnering with legendary trainer Emanuel Steward seems to have worked well. Cotto seemed very focused through out the whole fight, picked his punches very well, and didn't seem gassed out hardly at all.

The punch that ended the fight was a perfectly placed body punch, which had the Cotto of old written all over it. I know it's too ealry to say for sure but Cotto did look like he was back to his old self. He was very impressive and I see no reason why he can't go on to dominate once again. He has really only ever lost to the Pound for pound best Manny Pacquiao, and the Margarito fight has all that hand wrap issue attached to it, so that could be classed as a no contest in terms of, did Cotto really lose that fight fairly?

Foreman fought with a lot of heart and did have some good moments, but seemed to be out of his depth against the power and cunning skills of Cotto.

Anyway, a great win for Cotto, which now moves him straight back into the mix with the top contenders..I predict some great match ups to come for Cotto..

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