Friday, 25 June 2010

John McDermott vs Tyson Fury II

John McDermott vs Tyson Fury II

After a long wait, this much wanted rematch is here. The first fight between Tyson Fury and John McDermott was very good, although the referee, Terry O'Connor did raise the wrong hand at the end of the fight. It was a clear win for Dermott. This sparked outrage among everyone that watched the fight. Spectators at ringside couldn't beleive it. The fans, John McDermott, and his manager Frank Maloney demanded a rematch. Fair play to Tyson Fury, he said Yes ok no problem.

Tyson Fury knew, deep down, he lost the fight, so maybe he wants to prove to himself that he's a better fighter then he was that night.

Since that fight, Tyson Fury has picked up the training, changed trainers, and seems very focused for the rematch. There's no way he's going to take John McDermott lightly again. Tyson Fury has also said, if he loses this fight he will hang up his gloves, but somehow I don't think he will.

I beleive that Tyson Fury will win this fight. This is a 12 round fight, so both fighters stamina will be tested. John McDermott's a good domestic boxer, very tough and very determined. He will create problems for Fury, but I just see Tyson Fury fighting a much smarter fight this time around, using his superior height, jab and reach to keep John McDermott on the outside. Keeping the fight to his advantage.

Prediction: Tyson Fury to win a close decision.


PMF said...

UPDATE - 6th round. Fury is totally nackered.breathing very heavy.. He has not trained properly!!!! Can he catch his second wind and win this fight.....

PMF said...

dermott down from a FURY the 8th...More triedness then any meaningful punches

PMF said...

Fury pulls the fight back with a knockout win in the 9th round. 3 knock downs in the 9th round stops Dermott!!!!!! Great comeback from FURY.

GRINGO said...


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