Thursday, 18 November 2010

Carl Froch Vs Arthur Abraham

Carl Froch Vs Arthur Abraham

The fight takes place in Finland on the 27th November 2010

Anyone who knows these two fighters will know, these two meeting in the ring to fight for the WBC title is going to be one hell of a war. Both guys are big punchers, and both love to come forward and trade punches, so it really will be a fight you don't want to miss.

As good as they both are, they do have certain traits that concern me. Carl Froch has one hand by his side almost permanently and has been vunerable in past fights, taking punches that he could have avoided if he had his guard up. Could this half a guard see Froch get put down on the canvas, or even knocked out by the brutal punching Abraham. Another thing with Carl Froch, as the fight goes into the second half he gets more easy to hit. The second half of the fight, round 6 onwards, is where Abraham really starts going to work. These are a few points that make me think Carl Froch could get knocked out late in the fight, as Abraham has huge punching power, even in the later rounds.

One thing that concerns me about Arthur Abraham, he waits for far too long. He is prepared to just cover up and wait for his openings. A lot of the time the openings don't present themselves, so he waits, blocks punches, and lets the other fighter take the rounds purely because of their work rate.

I beleive the winner of this fight is the one who can box out of their element the most effectively on the night. Carl Froch needs to use his decent boxing skills, stay on the outside and jab, but be aggressive, taking advantage of slow starter Abraham. This method would see Froch steal the first 5 - 6 rounds. After this, Froch needs to remain aggressive in order to keep Abraham weary, but keep moving around, using the boxing skills to full effect. Jab and move for most of the night. Don't stand still and slug it out with Abraham, not for long periods anyway. If Froch does stand still for long spells he would be giving Abraham his only chance to win, by knock out. Froch always forgets his gameplan and ends up going to war, so what are the chances of Froch using the tactics mentioned here and sticking to them through the whole fight..

As for Abraham, rather then covering up, if he starts fast and keeps busy from the first bell he will most probably win this fight. A busy fighter always makes Froch come out of his shell and go into war mode, this would be ideal for Abraham as Carl doesn't have the best defense, and as much as Carl can take a punch, he is in with one of the pound for pound hardest punchers in boxing today. So it's not wise to go toe to toe with Abraham. Saying that, Froch is a big puncher also, so if they do go to war the fight could go either way. We have to remember that Arthur Abraham is not a natural Super Middleweight, he has moved up from Middleweight.

Make no mistake this is a very even match up, and both fighters have a lot of pride. Not to mention that both were undefeated before entering the Super Six Tournament. So they are both very determined to redeem themselves by winning this fight and becoming the new WBC Super Middleweight Champion Of The World.

Prediction: I think Carl Froch will be the busier fighter, taking the decision, winning the fight by about 5 rounds on the score cards.


mosef said...

king abraham to ko froch round 9

P said...

Abraham has vowed to end Carl Froch's boxing career.

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