Saturday, 29 January 2011

Bradley Beats Alexander

Bradley Beats Alexander

Timothy Bradley adds the WBC title to his growing belt collection after beating Devon Alexander on the scorecards. The fight was stopped in the 10th round after a clash of heads. The clash of heads seemed to really bother Alexander, to the point where it looked like he used it as a valid excuse to get out of the fight.

When the doctor was looking at a cut caused by a clash of heads, Alexander was moaning and swearing, looking like he wanted the fight to be stopped. Alexanders facial and vocal expressions were not that of a fighter that wanted to carry on fighting, or was eager to win at that point. I think he was tired, cut, and knew Bradley still had gas in the tank, so he decided to take the easy way out, thinking he was already ahead on the scorecards. Sadly for Alexander, the fight was stopped and he lost on the scorecards. I bet he kinda wishes he kept on fighting now.

It was a decent fight. Alexander was mostly on the backfoot, which made Bradley a bit frustrated. But as expected, Bradley forced the fight, constantly on the front foot trying to mix it up with Alexander. Bradleys will and determination to win is what the judges seen in this fight. Bradley was the aggressor and deserved the win.

We could now be on the verge of a unification fight between Timothy Bradley and Amir Khan.


Anonymous said...

Who gets the Oscar for best actor Direll or Devon lol

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took d easy way otu

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