Thursday, 6 January 2011

Klitschko Haye Negotiations Fights Off

Klitschko Haye Negotiations Fall Through - The Fights Off

Yet again the Wladimir Klitschko Vs David Haye fight is not happening. I am sick and tired of this fight. How many times has this fight been cancelled now? I have lost count. If it's not because of injury, it's something else like the Television networks can't agree on a date, or a venue can't be secured etc.

Who's fault is it this time?

I don't know for sure because both sides have there own reasons. But the bottom line is that the fight is not happening, and with Haye set to retire in October 2011, it's either now or never for him to face any or both of the Klitschko brothers.

Read more about this fight not happening.


Anonymous said...

Boxing is a joke at the moment. just look at who pacquiaos fighting

Anonymous said...

klitschko sisters bring shame to boxing they both need to retire

123 said...

wladimir has tried every excuse to make this fight not go ahead

drone said...

All these cats are jokers. wont fight the best cuz ov a few mill difference each way.

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