Thursday, 3 February 2011

Amir Khan Might Fight Junior Witter

Amir Khan Might Fight Junior Witter

There is some talk going around that Amir Khans next opponent in April 2011 might be against former world champion Junior Witter. If this does end up being the case then Amir Khan should be praised for his willingness to take on good fighters. Junior Witter lost a split decision to Timothy Bradley in England, and also quit on his stool against Devon Alexander complaining of an elbow injury.

Witter is getting on in years now at 36, but he trains like a fighter in his 20's. He's always in the gym, always in shape even when not fighting, and does carry a significant amount of power in his punches. His switch hitting "Brendan Ingle" style is quite unpredictable and sometimes rather reckless, but that could work in his favor against Amir Khan, who does get hit once he starts to tire. And as we seen with Khan against Maidana, he was terrible on the inside and just couldn't tie up his opponent effectively. Maidana basically walked Khan down by cutting off the ring, then going to work while Khan was stuck on the ropes.

Khan and his camp probably feel the time is right to fight Witter with him coming off a few losses, being 36 years old, and most likely willing to take the offer placed on the table by Khan due to Witter still wanting to redeem himself and being hungry for the big fight, with a chance to win a World Title. Winning this fight would put Witter straight back to the top of the division.

If this fight takes place it's not an easy nights work for Khan, as well as a world title, huge pride is on the line here for both fighters, Witter especially. He was a British champion when Khan was still in the amatuer ranks, so he will be looking to knock Khan out. This fight is like a derby football match. Khan's from Bolton and Witter's from Bradford. Can Junior Witter be talked about with Ricky Hatton not being mentioned, probably not. Witter basically stalked Hatton to try and get a fight to happen, he wanted to fight Hatton so badly, but it never happened. So a show down with Khan could be the next best thing.

Amir Khans next fight is being considered as a tune up match to keep him active before he faces Timothy Bradley. If Khan faces either McCloskey or Murray, then it is just a tune up fight, he wins both those fights fairly easy, but Witter is definitely a much more thougher and far more experienced opponent to get past. Hats off to Khan if he does face Witter for his home coming fight, no one can say he is taking the easy route. It should be a great fight if it happens, a very interesting clash of styles.


fynn said...

witters over the hill hes shot. khan wud make him quit

Anonymous said...


21inchamirkhans said...

witter = no chance with khan, maybe a few year ago yeah. not now

ereere said...

love khan to fight murray. murray is a sitting duck for some power punching practise for khan hahahah

rg said...

witter will struggle to make 140lbs

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