Friday, 11 February 2011

Manny Pacquiao Vs Sugar Shane Mosley

Manny Pacquiao Vs Sugar Shane Mosley

When I found out this fight was taking place the first thing I thought was - What a silly fight. And to be honest I still think that. Sergio Martinez, Andre Berto, Marcos Maidana, Timothy Bradley, these are the fighters that should be lined up to fight Pacquiao, not Mosley. Shane Mosley recently had his chance against one of the best in Mayweather and he blew it. I think one of the younger, more fresher fighters should have been given a shot. This fight is about money, and I bet it will make a fair amount. But it's not the fight people want to see.

Mosley just hasn't got the stamina anymore to be effective in the late rounds. Look at Mosleys fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, he had Mayweather in serious trouble in the second round but instantly ran out of gas, letting Mayweather clear his head, and actually go on to dominate the rest of the fight, winning a clear decision on the scorecards. Manny Pacquiao's stamina is very good, even in the last round of an all action fight. The only thing mosleys got going for him is power. Manny Pacqiuao is too fast with his "in and out" style to get caught early in the fight by Mosleys big power. Of course there's always a chance, specially with a big puncher like Mosley, but is a fight where the opponents just got a punchers chance a fight that the fans really want to see..I don't think so.

If Manny Pacquiao uses his speed, elusiveness, and fast combinations of punches to full effect, Mosley doesn't stand a chance. Don't think that I don't respect Mosley as a fighter because I do. He is a great fighter, but he's now too old to beat Pacquiao. Maybe six or seven years ago but not now. He doesn't have the engine anymore to be effective in the later rounds when he needs to pick up the pace and apply the pressure.

The Pacman camp are going to let mosley use his energy in the first five rounds, soon as he fades, Manny will pick up the pace, go to work and completely destroy Mosley, peppering him for the rest of the fight with jabs and three four punch combinations. I wouldn't be surprised if Mosley gets stopped in this fight, or his corner pull him out.

Could Mosley have that one big last fight left in him and end up beating Pacquiao? There are a few people saying that Pacquiao's having a hard time getting motivated for this fight. In boxing there's always a chance to win, it can take just one punch. But I don't think we will see an upset here, just another Pacquiao win.


poefghy said...

pacqiuao v maywether afterewards both retire

Anonymous said...

boxings on a decline

DF118 said...

As the fight draws closer, andbecause theres no other big fights on at d mo im looking more farward to this fight then before..hope mosley wins

Anonymous said...

eat him up like pacman manny

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