Thursday, 17 February 2011

Saul "CANELO" Alvarez Vs Matthew Hatton

Saul "CANELO" Alvarez Vs Matthew Hatton

Could this be Matthew Hattons chance to finally step out of his brothers shadow and actually achieve something that Ricky Hatton never did. A WBC World Title..Matthew has a very tough challenge ahead of him. Saul Alvarez is unbeaten, has great power, and is widely regarded as one of the best up and coming boxers to come out of Mexico for a while. It gets tougher for Matthew Hatton too. The fight is being held in Los Angeles, right in Alvarez's back yard, he will have a huge amount of support from the fans cheering for him on the night. Most Mexicans love Alvarez, and will want to be there to see him win the WBC title.

Matthew Hatton is not the terrible boxer that many people say he is. Give the guy some credit, you don't win numerous domestic boxing titles, then go on to win the European title if you can't fight to save your life. He is a decent, but very limited boxer, and if you compare him to the top guys out there, fair enough they are worlds apart in terms of class. However, one thing that Matthew Hatton has got going for him is that he's a workhorse. He just keeps plodding away at the same pace through every round, and as limited as he is in terms of power, movement, and combinations, this is boxing and the basic skills count for a lot, and he does have good basic skills.

With all that said, and with full respect to Matthew achieving what he has in boxing, Alvarez is on a different level all together. Saul Alvarez is better in every department, with his power, crafty combinations, and pressure style, he could be a future boxing star in the making. Couple that with him being in L.A for this fight, and then don't forget the WBC title up for grabs, and I'd say Matthew Hatton is going to get knocked out in this fight. Alvarez is too accurate and way too powerful for Matthew.

I have seen Matthew hurt in previous fights against much lesser opponents, and he was lucky that the opponent was at the end of his career, and didn't have the stamina to follow up with more punches. If he would have done so Matthew would of been stopped. If, or shall I say when Alvarez gets Matthew Hatton in trouble, he has the youth, aggression and stamina to finish the job.

Does Matt Hatton Have A Chance?

Yes, he does have a chance. Matthew has worked his way up ranks, and has beat some decent opponents along the way. Alvarez is good but not invincible, he was hurt against Cotto's brother early on in their match, but showed good come back determination. It remains to be seen how Matthew Hatton and Alvarez's styles will gel together. One things certain, Hatton's not going there to lie down. He will give it his all, and I expect an entertaining fight.


Saul "CANELO" Alvarez to K.O Matthew Hatton in the later rounds.

Matthew Hatton should be respected for taking this risk, it really is a tough task. I would love it if Hatton pulled off the upset and crowned his slow burning boxing career with the belt of all belts, the WBC Light Middle Weight Title.


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♫♫♪♪♫♫♪♫♫♪♪♫♫THERES ONLY ONE MATTHEW HATTON♫♫♪♪♫♫♪♫♫♪♪♫♫

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yep the wbc is the top prize in boxing

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hes rare, a ginger mexican lol

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5th march...should begood

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come on matthew, shock everyone

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