Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vitali Klitschko Vs Odlanier Solis

Vitali Klitschko Vs Odlanier Solis

Vitali Beats Solis

This fight is considered as the toughest matchup for Vitali Klitscko since he fought Lennox Lewis. I do agree that this is a good fighter that Vitali is facing, but I don't think he's the best or most awkward that Vitali has faced since Lennox Lewis. And even if it was, Vitali was younger when he fought Lennox, but far less confident and far less experienced then he is now. I think Vitali is better now then he was when he fought Lennox, the only thing that's not on his side is his age.

Will Vitali's age catch up with him in this fight?

I do think that Vitali still has a few big fights left in him. He prepares very well for each fight, and no doubt he has watched tapes on Solis's style and has come up with a good fight strategy to beat him. This will be a hard fight for Vitali, Solis is a good fighter, his Amatuer boxing victorys are impressive, he even holds wins over Ibragimov, David Haye, and Felix Savon.

However, looking at Solis in the build up to this fight, he is quite fat for his height and frame. Everyone thought he would probably shed a lot of weight and be in excellent condition for this fight, but it doesn't look like he has. Since he's put on weight as a Pro he has become rather slow with his movement and much more easier to hit then when he was an amatuer. I see him being very game and willing to fight, but taking a big beating in the process.

Any heavyweight, no matter who it is, can not take huge punches from Vitali in every round without there being some damage. And with Solis's plodding style he's going to eat some leather in this fight.


Solis to get knocked out late in the fight. Or pulled out by his corner.

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solis will shock the world

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