Saturday, 16 April 2011

Amir Khan Beats Paul Mc'Closkey

Amir Khan Beats Paul Mc'Closkey

The fight was stopped in the 6th round due to a clash of heads which opened up a cut on Paul Mc'Closkey's forehead / eyebrow. This fight was more competitive then most people thought it would be. Amir Khan did have some trouble with the very awkward southpaw style of Paul Mc'Closkey. Khan was made to miss quite a lot, and when he did land clean punches Paul Mc'Closkey took them very well.

Paul Mc'Closkey, as expected, came to fight and give his all to try and get that WBA title around his waist, he was very motivated for this fight, and he did do pretty well. But Amir Khan's speed was too much and at times he was catching Paul Mc'Closkey with some clean punches. Fair enough, Paul Mc'Closkey took them well and still came forward, but as the rounds were going by the punches were having more of an accumulative effect. The punches were taking their toll. Although, Amir Khan's power didn't seem very good in this fight considering how many punches he was landing.

It's a shame really that this fight was stopped early because of the cut. It could of turned into a very competitive fight. Amir Khan did win all 6 rounds on the scorecards but Paul Mc'Closkey wasn't losing them really badly, he was still in there and still game for a fight, so the fight could of took a different turn once into the later rounds. And on a  few occasions when he did catch Khan with a good punch Khan did look at little troubled. Shame we'll never know.

Good effort by Mc'Closkey, and another win for Khan, who now wants to go back to the USA for a super fight with Timothy Bradley.


Anonymous said...

The men arena was electric! Such an atmosphere

Anonymous said...

a wins a win

Anonymous said...

khan power

zuka said...

khan needs 2 more fights before facing desert storm bradley. he aint ready yet

Anonymous said...


tired said...

Flat performance but got the job done. Does Duddy deserve a rematch, no. What damage did he inflict in the six rounds almost none.

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