Saturday, 30 April 2011

GSP Vs Shields Weigh In

GSP Vs Shields Weigh In

Both fighters looked in excellent shape at the weigh in, and I'm sure this will be a great fight while it lasts. I was concerned that George St. Pierre might have been looking past Jake Shields because of all the hype of him fighting Anderson Silva, but those concerns have been squashed. George St. Pierre has stated in interviews leading up to this fight that there is no way he will look past Shields, and he was even annoyed that other people like fans and the media were doing so.

Jake Shields is a dangerous fighter and one slip up from GSP could cost him the fight. Saying that though, I do think George St. Pierre wins this fight, he is a much more well rounded fighter then Shields. Not so much on the ground, but with his stand up. In my opinion, Jake Shields stand up game is the chink in his armour, he isn't on the same level as GSP in that department. But then again, this is Mixed Martial Arts, and one things for sure, there are many many ways to lose a fight in MMA. So Jake can't be written off. If, or when he gets GSP down to the ground or in a wrestling / grapping situation this could be a very interesting fight. Jakes Jiu-Jitsu / wrestling is world class, and he is hungry for the UFC title.

Five-5 minute rounds is a long fight, and I see the action going back and forth, but GSP will be victorious, either by decision or stoppage.

Video Credit: MMA Heat

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