Saturday, 16 April 2011

Victor Ortiz Beats Andre Berto

Victor Ortiz Beats Andre Berto

I'm very happy for Victor Ortiz. He really needed to put on a good performance in this fight. Many people thought that after his loss to Maidana that he didn't have a fighters heart. Even Andre Berto himself said in an interview a few weeks before this fight that Ortiz has no heart when he's forced into the trenches. Well, tonight Victor Ortiz redeemed himself by convincingly beating Andre Berto on points to become the new, and much deserved, WBC Welter Weight Champion Of The World.

From the start Ortiz fought like a man possessed, he really had a point to prove. Both fighters had there moments and both fighters hit the canvas. But the true star of this fight was Victor Ortiz, Berto just couldn't deal with the relentless pressure and workrate that Ortiz brought to this fight. Credit to Berto, he showed good heart, he was knocked down in the 1st round, and he looked like he was going to get stopped early, but he managed to pull himself together and shake off the cob webs. However, he never seemed to fully recover and it was like he was shocked by the pace and pressure Ortiz was applying. It seemed to catch him off guard.

There were some shakey moments for Ortiz but he showed he has plenty of heart by getting up off the canvas and forcing himself back into the fight. At one point it looked to be all over for Ortiz when he was caught with a huge Berto hook that was almost certainly a contest ending punch. But Ortiz got up and managed to weather the storm, coming back with his own punches.

An excellent, career best win for Victor Ortiz. Full credit for such an entertaining fight. No one can say he doesn't have heart after that performance.


cunbunvon said...

berto needed to lose thought he was to bad.

Anonymous said...

ortiz thanked manny pacquiao after the fight

Anonymous said...

hahahah poooooor berto

Anonymous said...

when victors balls were to the wall he showed us who he can be. NUFFFRespect

vtek said...

ortiz vs pacman khan v bradley on the same card. now that would be a night to remember

Anonymous said...

wanna see ortiz v khan

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