Alistair Overeem Beats Fabricio Werdum

Alistair Overeem Beats Fabricio Werdum On Points

A very close fight that didn't live up to it's hype. This was mainly due to the clash of styles between the two fighters. Werdum's striking was much improved, and he did land some good punches and kicks on Overeem. But Werdums main objective was to take the fight to the ground, but Overeem wasn't interested. Everytime Werdum went to the ground, either because of a failed takedown attempt, or by getting hit or thrown, Alistair Overeem just struggled free and walked away, making Werdum have to get up and fight!

At one point Werdum has begging Overeem to come to the ground but Overeem knew better then to give Werdum his best chance of winning the fight. Both fighters had some good moments but it was Alistair Overeem's supreme strength and power advantage that won him the fight. He was able to man handle Werdum and also had good control of the action when he was in Werdums guard by using his strength and weight to full effect.


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Sergei Kharitonov Alistair Overeem in the final