Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Amir Khan Vs Zab Judah

Amir Khan Vs Zab Judah

In my opinion, this is the fight for Khan to prove to everyone that he has what it takes to really mix it up with the top boxers of his weight class. Marcos Maidana was very tough, rugged, and hard hitting, but Zab poses other threats. I know Zab Judah is no spring chicken anymore at 33 (which isn't even that old), but he is still a seriously skilled boxer. He is, skill wise, still up there with the best, including Floyd Mayweather Jr. Zab does have some losses on his record but there mostly against big punchers that walk there opponents down. Baldomir and Cotto spring to mind. Khan's style doesn't really fit that description.

 A concern for Zab Judah is his stamina and will to win, which is the past has been questionable. We could see a different Zab though against Khan because he is now being trained by Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker. One of the best fighters of his generation. Pernell Whitaker trained Zab Judah for his fight against Kaizer Mabuza, and I know Mabuza isn't on Khan's level but Judah looked impressive in that fight, knocking Mabuza out in the 7th round to claim the IBF title. We could see a reinvigorated Judah against Khan, and if we do see a Zab Judah who is back to his old self, back to his best, Khan will have to be at the top of his game to stand a chance of beating Zab Judah. But can Zab get back to his best at this stage of his long and colourful career against top opposition like Amir Khan..

I think Zabs experience, southpaw style, slickness, defense, and accuracy could cause Khan some serious problems. I believe that if Floyd Mayweather Jr and Zab Judah had a rematch today it would still be points win for Mayweather, but only after a fairly close fight. Maybe this is because their styles are so similar in ways. Amir Khan and Zab Judahs style will gel very well, there both great counter punchers with very fast hands. This will be a fight that goes back and forth, the difference I believe between the two will be the will to win and stamina. Both of which I think Khan has the advantage.

Zab Judah has a tendency to fade and slow down in the champion chip rounds, and looks like he wants to be anywhere but in the ring fighting. Khan is the opposite, he has bursts of energy and determination late in fights. A concern for Zab is lately his opponents haven't been of the best caibre and he could come unstuck facing someone like Khan, who has been fighting the better opponents out of the two, and also regularly spars with Manny Pacquiao and other young fresh prospects. I fear Khan might just be a little too energetic for Judah, a little too much in his prime. Unless Judah manages to land one of his very accurate punches, then smothers Khan with some combinations, I'd say this fight is a points win or late stoppage for Amir.

I do think Khan will win this fight, but theres alway a chance that he will get caught by one of Zabs hooks or superb uppercuts. Although Khan did survive against Maidana it was still clear to see that when Khan's in trouble his boxing ability goes out the window. He was very lucky that the referee didn't stop the fight in the 10th round against Maidana, because Khan was out on his feet. Judah is a much more slicker boxer then Maidana. If Judah has worked on his stamina and is mentally in the right place, this will be Khans toughest test so far.


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comon judah knock that hater ouut

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super judah for the ko

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