Wednesday, 1 June 2011

George St. Pierre Vs Nick Diaz UFC 137

George St. Pierre will fight Nick Diaz at UFC 137, October 29th 2011

It's been confirmed that UFC Welter Weight Champion George St. Pierre will fight StikeForce Welter Weight Champion Nick Diaz at UFC 137. This will be the first time that the current champion from the UFC will fight the champion of StrikeForce. This should be a great fight. We all know that GSP is one the best MMA fighters in the world but Nick Diaz is also right up there too. More importantly, Diaz is very experienced in all aspects of MMA, and really comes to fight, so it won't be a walkover for GSP.

Video Credit: MMAdigest


Anonymous said...

gsp ftw easy

ziekel said...

the winner will be champ of strikeforce and ufc?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I believe there both defending their belts, so the loser loses theres.

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