Monday, 11 July 2011

Victor Ortiz Vs Floyd Mayweather

Victor Ortiz Vs Floyd Mayweather

Is Floyd Mayweather risking losing his unbeaten record due to being so inactive? He keeps retiring, then coming back, beating a top fighter then retiring again. I do consider Floyd Mayweather as the pound for pound number 1. Yes, I do believe he would beat Manny Pacquiao, but this type of inactivity will affect anyone, even Floyd Mayweather. Specially when he's coming back and fighting top opposition in his return fight to the ring. Sooner or later these breaks from boxing will catch up with him. Will it be this time out against Victor Ortiz? Anything is possible.

Floyd Mayweather see's Victor Ortiz as an open invitation for his trademark punch, the straight right hand. Hopefully, Ortiz and his team will work on this weakness that Floyd's looking to exploit and give Floyd something to think about on fight night. Victor Ortiz has got very good power for the weight, and he's also got very good boxing skills. So he is not to be written off in this fight, and I actually give him a real chance against Mayweather.

Even Mayweather haters concede that he is a seriously skilled boxer, anyone would be crazy to try and dispute that. However, with all these lay offs, and with all the drama in his personal life, run in's with the Police, family fall outs etc, I think it's safe to say that Floyd's mind is not fully focused 100% on boxing and this could be a risky time for him to take a fight against someone like Ortiz, who is on top of his game at the moment. Ortiz has stayed active and he's been fighting good fighters.

The only draw back for Ortiz is that he does get hit a little too much and tends to stand in front of his opponent a lot more as fights go into the second half. But I expect a super motivated Ortiz for this fight, just like the possessed, unstoppable machine we seen against Andre Berto. I'm 100% sure that Ortiz feels he has something prove in this fight, he will not give up his WBC title easy. Floyd has been talking about a superfight with Manny Pacquiao after this fight, talk that Victor Ortiz see's as disrespectful, like Floyd's already beat Ortiz. Floyd Mayweather is the favorite to win this fight, and rightly so, but if Ortiz loses, he will no doubt go out on his shield.

Prediction: I'm going to take a risk in this fight, people never thought Ortiz would beat Berto and he did. I see Ortiz taking loads of punishment in this fight, but at some point he will make Floyd do the chicken dance. Victor Ortiz to shock the world and become the first man to actually knock Floyd Mayweather out.


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prettyboys confidence will win the fight......

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