Friday, 12 August 2011

David Tua Vs Monte Barrett Rematch

David Tua Vs Monte Barrett Rematch

These two fighters might not be considered as the elite heavyweights at this moment in time, but they are two very exciting, and very seasoned fighters that match up well together at this stage of their boxing careers, and both will give it their all.

If you haven't watched their first fight, It ended in a draw. Monte Barrett became the first man to ever knock David Tua down, so Tua is looking for revenge in this rematch. Will he get it? It's not likely. David Tua is a very good fighter with huge power, but his style is fairly one dimensional and predictable. All Monte Barrett has to do is keep moving and throwing out the jab and he should score an easy points win over Tua. Saying that, this fight is in Tua's home town so it might be a risky strategy for Barrett to try and get a points decision over Tua.

David Tua will have to hope that Monte Barrett tires badly later in the fight so that he gets a chance to catch up to Barrett, plant his feet, and let some huge left hooks go.

Many people thought Barrett won the first fight and Tua was lucky to scrape a draw. It wasn't a good performance by Tua, and we don't know if lack of training had anything to do with that. One things for sure, Tua has trained hard for this rematch and hopefully we should see something special from him. Tua seems quite angry at the fact that Barrett actually knocked him down, so this must have been good motivation for Tua in training and we should see a much better performance then last time.

I would love to see David Tua win this fight and go on to bigger and better things, hopefully a title shot at some point in the future. If he lived in the gym I beleive he could still be a real force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division. Maybe not against the Klitschko's but to all the other heavyweights just under that level. But to win any of the meaningful titles means he would have to take on one of the Klitschko brothers, as they now hold all the belts. Could David Tua beat the Klitschko's, I don't think so. They are just too good at the moment, and against Tua I beleive either of the Klitschko brothers would be a similar fight as when Tua fought Lennox Lewis. He would be kept at range and picked off all night.

So where does the winner of this fight go? Monte Barrett has said he is retiring after this fight, and Tua is talking along those lines as well, so it makes you think how much Tua really wants it anymore, and how much work he's prepared to put in at 38 years old to finally win a legitimate World Heavyweight Title. Something he hasn't managed to do...Yet! Tua does have jaw breaking power, and if wins on Saturday, and keeps winning, and he does end up fighting Wladimir Klitschko, one punch is all he needs. Tua ALWAYS has that punchers chance, no matter who he's fighting.

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1 comment: review said...

At least TUA got his own back at Monte Barrett. That was an excellent knockdown! I got mad respect for TUA MAN! Humble as they come. Great guy, great fighter!

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