Sunday, 18 September 2011

Did Floyd Mayweather Cheat?

Floyd Mayweather Beats Ortiz With A Cheap Shot - 2 Actually

First off, I thought Floyd Mayweather looked really good last night, and it was clear that he would be the one most likely to win the fight the way it was going. But this is boxing and nothing is set in stone, so we are left to wonder at what might have happened if the fight would of made it to the later rounds.

Clearly, when the end to fight came there was confusion. The referee did not make it clear whether it was OK for the fighting to continue. It looked to me like it wasn't, and Ortiz was waiting for the referee to give instructions. Floyd Mayweather took full advantage of the confusion and had two free shots at Victor Ortiz when his hands were down. Ortiz didn't even see the punches coming which makes it even worse. Very unsportsman like by Floyd. I actually thought that Floyd was going to be disqualified, but it was classed as a knock out.

In a way, Victor Ortiz shouldn't have been so apologetic. He apologised twice already, and on the third time he got knocked out. Floyd wasn't in the wrong as far as the rules are concerned, but that was a terrible thing to do. Floyd was angry because of being head butted, but Ortiz got a point deducted, so he had been penalised. Boxings dangerous enough without things like this. I remember one incident like this where a boxer went to touch gloves, but his opponent hit him and the guy actually died.

This fight proved nothing. We already knew that Floyd has excellent defense and is one of the best boxers out there. Most boxers could knock out there opponents with free shots to the face like that. But hey, protect yourself at all times..I would of loved to have seen what would have happened if this incident would of been the other way round!

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