Nathan Cleverly Vs Tony Bellew Weigh-In

Nathan Cleverly Vs Tony Bellew Weigh-In

The build up to this fight has been pretty intense. It's almost kicked off between the pair on a few ocassions. But at last, all the talking is now over and it's time to put all the talking to one side and settle it properly. The only thing that really matters is who performs on the night. The fight is taking place in Liverpool, Bellews back garden, so Bellew does have the advantage as far as support goes. But Cleverly should win this fight. Both have the potential to become good fighters down the line, and both have their strengths and weaknesses. Cleverly is too eager for a tear up but is very durable, and Bellew is quite chinny but can bang a bit, so anything can happen here. Both have a point to prove so this one will be exciting while it lasts. The WBO title is on the line.

Nathan Cleverly Vs Tony Bellew Weigh-In

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Anonymous said...

blews gettin sparkd

connor said...

Tony Bellew looks dead at the weight.