Monday, 14 November 2011

Did Marquez Beat Pacquiao

Did Marquez Beat Pacquiao

Marquez had obviously done his homework for Pacquiao on Saturday night. This could have a lot to do with him fighting Pacquiao twice previously and knowing what to prepare for. It was a close fight but Marquez had Pacquiao timed perfectly for a lot of the rounds, and it was clear to everyone except the three judges scoring the fight that most of the rounds were definitely Marquez rounds. Some rounds were very close but even by scoring the close rounds to Pacquiao, Marquez still won the fight by a couple of rounds.

Most of the crowd were furious at this shocking result, some even threw bottles at the ring. Sports writers, boxers, commentators, all were surprised by the result. I think even Manny Pacquiao, deep down, knew he had lost. Even Freddy Roach knew Pacquiao had lost, stating that Marquez deserved a rematch. Can it get any clearer that the whole world barr some Pacman fans and the three judges thought Marquez won this fight. Amir Khan even said that he couldn't believe that Manny won that fight and that he had Marquez winning.

Personally I think Marquez won that fight and I'm not a Manny hater or anything. I think he's a great fighter. But he did lose that fight. Should there be an immediate rematch?


Anonymous said...

mayweather cud beat pac easy

taff said...

no way marquez would of got the nod. the money vs mayweather pacman will generate made sure of that

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