Friday, 16 December 2011

Carl Froch Vs Andre Ward Weigh-In

Carl Froch Vs Andre Ward Weigh-In

Carl Froch and Andre Ward will fight it out tomorrow night to see who is crowned the Super Six Tournament winner. Not only is the Super Six cup on the line, but also the Ring Magazine Belt, the WBA, and the WBC Super Middleweight titles are on the line. This fight really is too close to call. Both boxers have world class skills and this tournament alone has proved that. Froch and Ward are very different fighters though. Froch does have good boxing skills but prefers to have a toe to toe war, where as Andre Ward prefers to box but can mix it up if he needs to. Andre Ward is the superior boxer but Carl Froch does have more power and more experience at world level on the professional boxing stage.

There has been a lot of talk from both Froch and Ward, most of it has been about each others power. Froch has been saying that Ward is going to get knocked out because he can't take the power he possesses. Froch has also been saying that Ward can't knock him out because he has no power. I believe that this talk has gotten under Wards skin and he's sick of hearing people, specially Carl Froch say he's got no power. I think Andre Ward is going for the knockout on Saturday night, and with his excellent boxing ability and fast hands I think he's got a good change of getting a stoppage. Even if Froch is not so much hurt but just overwhelmed. Ward wants to prove to Froch, and everyone else, that he does have some pop in his punches.

Whoever wins this fight not only gets all the titles and wins the tournament, but will also be considered as the best super middleweight in the world.

As tough as Froch is, I'm going for Andre Ward by knockout. May the best man win.

Carl Froch Vs Andre Ward Weigh-In

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