Lamont Peterson Beats Amir Khan

 Lamont Peterson Beats Amir Khan

This was an excellent, all action fight. However, as close as it was, I thought Peterson did do enough to secure the win. He was pushing the action in a lot of the rounds and a big percentage of the meaningful punches were coming from Peterson. I think Khan has shown a weakness in this fight, and that is when he's put under pressure he has a hard time. Khan needs distance to be successful, without that distance he struggles with his inside game, which is close to non-existent.

Khan was disrespectful after the fight blaming the referee and also saying that Peterson was given the fight because it was his hometown etc, but the truth is Khan was warned for pushing and even had a point taken away, but he still continued to push. He only has himself to blame. Saying that, credit to both fighters, they left it all in the ring and yes, it was a close fight, but I think the right man got the decision. No doubt there will be a rematch.

Was watching this review video of the fight and I tend to agree with him.

Video Credit: TheBoxingHistorian

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