Friday, 6 January 2012

Khan Vs Peterson Was The Scoring Fair

Khan Vs Peterson: Was The Scoring Fair

Recent video footage has come to light showing an unknown man engaging with one of the judges at the Khan Vs Peterson fight. This judge was the WBA Official. The unknown man was definitely looking at the judges scorecard. No one is allowed to talk to the judges during a fight, so why was this man talking to the judge and looking at his scorecard. This is suspicious. One of the judges scorecards had numbers crossed out in one of the rounds and a new score was added..Was this just a mistake by the judge, George Hill, or was the scorecard tampered with.

In some ways it can be said that Amir Khan has took this loss very hard and he is looking for any excuse to get an instant rematch, or find some kind of justification as to why he lost. In all honesty, I think Peterson, with the 2 point deduction because of Khan's constant pushing, done enough to get the win. But it does seem strange that this mystery man, who has not yet been named, was even allowed to be that involved with the judge and his scorecard. Apparently the mystery man was some kind of IBF official, but if that is the case then why has it been so difficult to identify him..

I should add, there is also photo evidence (guy standing on the left wearing the hat) of this mystery man celebrating in Peterson's corner after the decision was announced.

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The Mystery man has now been indentified as Mustafa Ameen.

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kahn was lying, he knew mustafa before and roach did. all a publicity stunt. khan needs to man up an take the loss on the chin. lost fair an square

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