Friday, 24 February 2012

Marco Huck Vs Alexander Povetkin

Marco Huck Vs Alexander Povetkin

Marco Huck, the WBO Cruiser Weight Champion, is moving up to the heavyweight division to take on Alexander Povetkin for the fake WBA title. I say fake because the real WBA title is held by Wladimir Klitschko. The "Fake" WBA belt is what the organisation is calling it's "regular" champion, and the real WBA belt holder is classed as the "Super" champion..Where's the sense in that? - Good question.

With all that said, and forgetting about what title is on the line, this is a very good fight. Marco Huck is jumping straight up to Heavyweight and taking on one of best fighters in the division. This is a very risky thing to do. Marco Huck should of had one or two fights at heavyweight against mediocre opposition. If he was taking on any other world class Heavyweight, himself, his trainers, and everyone involved would know full well that a few warm up fights would be part of the process.

The reason Huck is jumping straight into the deep end with this fight is because Huck and Povetkin have history. The pair used to spar together and Marco Huck has said that he used to school Povetkin. If this is true, and Marco Huck used to get the upper hand in sparring, will it really matter now? This sparring took place at least a few years ago and Povetkin has improved immensely over the last year or two. And we don't actually know if Povetkin was taking it easy on Huck, holding back on the power, or even working on certain moves while sparring. Are these sparring sessions giving Huck a false sense of security? Most probably yes.

If Huck can't get an early night knockout he will feel the weight difference between fighting a Cruiser Weight and fighting a natural Heavyweight as the fight goes into the later rounds. Has he prepared for this, or will his stamina cost him the fight. We will see on Saturday night.

Povetkin has good boxing skills, good power, and good stamina for a Heavyweight. Huck has good power and much faster hands..Marco Huck will start off really fast and sharp, and Povetkin will bide his time for a few rounds until Huck tires, then Povetkin will, or should, take over this fight. Povetkin has a good engine, he gets stronger as the fight goes into the later rounds, where as Huck, by that time, should be feeling the pace from facing the naturally heavier man.

Marco Huck could be catching Povetkin at a vulnerable time. Povetkins Trainer, Teddy Atlas has not been in  Russia for the training camp because of other commitments. So Povetkin has had to train without his main man. We will have to wait and see whether this has a negative effect on Povetkin's performance. Looking for the weigh-in? Click here.

Povetkin Vs Huck Stare Down Video

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