Saturday, 25 February 2012

Povetkin Beats Marco Huck

Povetkin Beats Marco Huck

Alexander Povetkin retains his "regular" WBA Heavyweight title with a tight points win over Marco Huck. Surprisingly, Huck pushed Povetkin to the absolute limit and at times had Povetkin wondering what planet he was on, landing powerful single shots while Povetkin was bending forward with his head looking at the canvas. Marco Huck's punches were thrown wide and his boxing was wild. Similar to a bar room brawl at times, and he was fighting very dirty. He was basically fouling in most of the rounds by holding Povetkins head down and hitting him behind the head. Shockingly, the referee never even took a point, or even made much of a fuss about it.

Both fighters left everything in the ring. Povetkin was completely gassed out, early on too, which was unexpected beings as he's used to fighting much bigger and heavier fighters. This was probably due to Huck making Povetkin fight out of his comfort zone. This was a very physical fight and it did not matter how fit both were, they were going to be exhausted fighting at that kind of pace.

Excellent fight and a superb effort by Huck, but the cleaner work came from Povetkin and the decision resembled that. This was the toughest fight of Povetkin's career no doubt. Povetkin was glad to hear the final bell and had to be held up and then put on to a stool to rest. Super tired! He came very close to losing his title. I think Povetkin was shocked at the power of Huck as well, which he carried up to heavyweight nicely. Huck could mix at heavyweight, although his boxing skills need some more work.

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