Tyson Fury Vacates His Titles

Tyson Fury Vacates His Titles

British Heavyweight Tyson Fury has vacated both his British and Commonwealth titles rather then take on the fighter who everyone wants to see him face, David Price. Negotiations are said to have fallen through between the two camps, but many believe that Tyson Fury just doesn't want to fight David Price because he knows he would lose. It's a very high risk fight for Fury. David Price has beaten Tyson Fury once before in the Amateurs, so it's not without reason that people think Tyson is dodging this fight. Also, with some of the interviews Tyson Fury has done, when asked about David Price it does look as if Tyson's slightly rattled, coming out with many excuses why he shouldn't fight David Price. The truth of it is, boxing fans want to see this fight, and with both fighters having under 20 fights on their record this seems like the perfect time to have an all British Heavyweight match up.

Tyson Fury is claiming he's on the Klitschko's tail and fighting David Price makes no sense, but does anyone really believe that Fury, with 17 professional fights under his belt, and looking terrible in his last few fights, is anywhere near ready or good enough to fight and beat one of the Klitschko's.. I think even his most die-hard fans would say No Way!

David Price destroyed John McDermott in 1 round on his last outing, a fighter that Fury had way more trouble with, specially in their first meeting which ended in a controversial points win for Fury. Could this also be one of the reasons why Fury is steering clear of David Price.

David Price will now be fighting Sam Sexton for the two titles vacated by Tyson Fury.


Anonymous said...

i laught when i hear that fury is scared of price let me remind all of you price layed looking up at fury not only that it will aways be at back of price mind moloney knows fury can knock price out he slags fury to boost his fighter up to hoodwink the fans

nautical said...

Hey anonymous, the proof is in the pudding and the reality is Price wants the fight and Furys running away..We all know about hyping fighters but like i said proof is in the pudding. Fury gave up the titles FFS rather then fight price and avenge the loss - and give the fans what they want -

Anonymous said...

price is the one man fury needs 2 beat b4 movin on

biknal said...

Tyson Furys a disgrace to his name. Change you first name Mr. Fury