Tyson Fury Stops Martin Rogan

Tyson Fury Stops Martin Rogan

Tyson Fury puts on his most clinical boxing performance so far, stopping Martin Rogan in 5 rounds with a barrage of blows that sent the tough Irish man reeling to the canvas in round 5. The key punch being a perfectly placed body shot. Tyson Fury had a great game plan for this fight against the much older Martin Rogan. Throw out the jab occasionally for a few rounds and let the older and more busier Martin Rogan exert himself by throwing most of the punches. The tactics worked perfectly. Martin Rogan looked tired after a few rounds and when Tyson Fury seen the evidence of this he started applying the pressure. The result speaks for itself.

This was the most mature Tyson Fury so far. In previous fights Fury has just turned up on the night and had a fight, never really having a set game plan. In this fight he looked calm and in control. Maybe he's just maturing now as a fighter or perhaps that confidence was there because he knew Martin Rogan was at the end of his boxing career and not really much of a threat. Going on interviews that Tyson Fury gave before the fight was even made it would appear so. Fury stated that Martin Rogan was of no use to him inside a boxing ring because he was too old.

However, credit where it's due. Tyson Fury disposed of Rogan in style and this fight was never considered as nothing more then a "keep busy" fight for Tyson Fury, who could now be in line to fight either Robert Helenius, an up and coming American prospect, or even Alexander Povetkin. It would be a good move for Tyson Furys manager to try and secure a fight with a decent American heavyweight to try and build his profile and get his name talked about in the States.

What now for Martin Rogan?

In all honesty, it's pipe and slippers time for Rogan. Before fighting Tyson Fury Martin Rogan last fought a six round bout in 2010 against journeyman Werner Kreiskott, and Rogan won that on points. Martin Rogan gave it his best shot against Tyson Fury, but at 40 years old and not having fought for close to two years before fighting Fury, it's fair to say that his best years and hunger to reach the top of the sport are well and truly behind him. Sure, he could fight some low level domestic fights but is it really worth it? I suppose only Martin Rogan can answer that question.

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