Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Amir Khan Demands Random Drug Tests

Amir Khan Demands Random Drug Tests

Amir Khan has said that whoever he fights in the future must agree to random drug testing. Boxing has had a few shock findings in this department recently. One of the people caught being Amir Khan's previous opponent Lamont Peterson, so you can see why Khan is now insisting that random drug testing must take place for anyone he fights. The rematch between Khan and Peterson was all set until Peterson tested positive for a banned substance, which was said to be elevated levels of Testosterone. (Synthetic Testosterone)

To make matters worse Lamont Peterson has already admitted that he was taking PED's in some shape or form (Testosterone) when he fought Amir Khan the first time. So It's definitely a step in the right direction. There is so much on the line at the elite level of the sport that even fighters that would never have considered taking performance enhancing drugs may do so because of what's at stake. The pressure to win is immense.

They have worked their whole life up to the point where they are competing in the big money fights and sometimes they can be tempted to give themselves that little extra boost in order to make sure they have trained to the absolute limit and are firing on all cylinders come fight night. However, PED's are the cheaters way, and there is no room for that silliness in boxing. It's about time that more stringent testing was done more often. Peoples lives are on the line.

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