Carl Froch Vs Lucian Bute Weigh-In

Carl Froch Vs Lucian Bute Weigh-In

You know when Carl Froch is having a fight it's going to be action packed. The Ward fight was as an exception. It was still a decent fight and Froch tried to push the action, but Ward was just too good and has such an awkward style to look good against. This fight against Bute has all the ingredients to be a really great battle. I know that people, including Froch himself are saying that Bute hasn't fought anyone and hasn't been tested. But against Carl Froch, who has bags of heart and strength, but has limited hand speed and boxing skill, Bute is by far the more superior boxer. A good advantage for Froch though is that he has good stamina late in fights, where as Bute has tired badly in the past against mediocre opposition compared to Froch.

Bute is a tricky southpaw fighter and if I could pick one word to describe Butes boxing style it would be cute. He has cute boxing skills, he finds the tiny openings in his opponents defence and catches them off guard with fast powerful punches that they weren't expecting. Bute's body shots are fantastic. He is also very good at throwing shots simultaneously, so just as his opponent trys to land a shot he is great a moving and landing effective counter punches. This is what makes Bute so dangerous for a fighter like Froch. Bute has excellent skills and is very big at the weight.

This is a big test for Carl Froch. He has many positives. He is fighting at home, he can take a good punch, and he has the determination to win no matter what it takes. So it should be a great fight. His best chance to win is in the later rounds where Bute does tend to tire. And if Froch's impressive stamina late on comes into play and we see a tired Bute in the second half of the fight, it could reward him with the IBF title on Saturday night. That would make Carl Froch a 3 time World Champion.

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