David Haye Vs Chisora Coming Soon

David Haye Vs Chisora Coming Soon

Despite all the attempts by the British Boxing Board Of Control to make the fight not go ahead, it looks like we will be seeing David Haye take on Dereck Chisora this summer. Would there have even been a fight if the scuffle between Haye and Chisora never happened? Absolutely not. Make no mistake, there are a fair few people, not including anyone involved with the BBBC that are frowning upon this fight taking place. But it's true What David Haye said, they may say there disgusted with this fight but they will still be watching it.

Boxing's a fighting sport, sometimes tensions can run high and fights can break out. But it's not like it happens every week. Most boxers are very respectful to their opponents.

In fairness it's easy to see the point of the small percentage of people who think the fight is not a good idea. Because instead of punishing the fighters for their behaviour they are actually being rewarded. Frank Warren and the brawl between Haye and Chisora have managed to build a fight everyone wants to see, and in the process both fighters will make a few million pounds each. What kind of punishment is that? And what kind of example does that set for young people that look up to these fighters.. As if fighting on the street leads to good things..Well in most cases is doesn't. However, you are well within your rights to defend yourself and I encourage anyone to do so if in danger of being seriously hurt.

All that being said, this is a great fight and almost everyone can't wait to see what happens in the coming build up, and in the fight itself. With Chisora's track record of violence outside the ring the pair might not even be able to have the weigh in without there being some sort of divider between them. Just like at the press conference where a fence was put in the middle to make sure nothing kicked off.

It's a great move by Frank Warren making this match up. He knows this fight, because of the controversy, means big audiences. Big audiences equals big money. Both fighters have lost to a Klitschko and the winner between the pair with most probably get a shot at Vitali Klitschko, who is the holder of the WBC Heavyweight Title.

Haye seems to be the favourite to win the fight. He has more experience, more skill, more power, and has mixed with the much better class of opposition. But What Chisora lacks in skill and experience he makes up for with determination and a solid chin. He is a tough guy and if he comes in shape he does have pretty good stamina late in fights. Those quality's can cause an opponent problems when a fight goes into the later rounds.

More to come soon on this fight.


odds2 said...

chisora will rough haye up and win late on

Anonymous said...

boxing is a big let down these days. everyone gets hyped for a big fight and it ends up being v boring. this will be no diffrent

Anonymous said...

wheres haye training for the fight? Vauxhall, london?