Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mikkel Kessler Knocks Out Allan Green

Mikkel Kessler Knocks Out Allan Green

The Kessler Vs Green started fast and furious, both showed good boxing skills and it seemed like the fight would be a close toe to toe boxing match. Green had some very good moments through out the fight and he actually legitimately knocked Kessler down in the first round. Kessler got caught with a hook which rocked him down to his boots. Green followed up on this, landing a nice body shot that sent Kessler to the canvas. But Kessler is tough. And when the going gets tough the tough get fighting. And that's exactly what Kessler did. He rocked Green a few times in the second and third rounds. But Green managed to evade further punishment by using good boxing skills.

However, Green was starting to tire and getting caught with shots more often. In the fourth round Kessler seen an opening and took advantage. Kessler caught green with a perfect left hook that completely hit the "lights out" button on Green. Allan Green was completely knocked out cold. Fight over. Kessler looked slightly vulnerable at times in this fight, but what makes him so dangerous is his warrior fighting spirit and his punching power. Excellent win for Kessler.

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David Price Destroys Sam Sexton In 4 Rounds

David Prices puts on a very calm and relaxed performance. He looked great tonight working behind the jab. His style resembled Wladimir Klitschko's. He stayed behind the jab, boxed carefully, but still applied the pressure. Price totally controlled the fight from the start and it looked like Sextons game plan was to cover up, let Price punch himself out a little, and then start applying the pressure in the later rounds. It wasn't to be. Price punched too hard and found the little openings in Sextons defence. The power of Prices punches was too much for Sexton to handle. Once Price started landing cleaner punches, the fight was over.

Price is destined for better things. He has all the tools to go far. He is very tall, has good power, and a good boxing style that makes the most of his gigantic size. By the time he is ready for World title fights (Around 2 years time) the Klitschko's will most probably be retired. Vitali will be anyway. This would be an ideal opportunity for Price to grab one of the World Titles.

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