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Timothy Bradley Vs Manny Pacquiao

Timothy Bradley Vs Manny Pacquiao

Fight Date: 9th June 2012 - Checkout the Weigh-In

This is one of the best boxing match ups for a while. I cannot believe that people think this is going to be an easy fight for Manny! It's clear that with people thinking this way, they have no respect for Bradley as a top P4P level fighter. But I bet they will after this fight. This will be one hell of a tough fight for Manny Pacquiao. Timothy Bradley  has the will and the skill to push Manny to the limit.

It's fair to say that every time someone says "Manny might lose this fight", he ends up obliterating his opponent. There have been a few times were I have thought and said the same thing and Pacman has surprised me by dominating. And not taking anything away from any other Pacman victims of the past but Bradley is a different kettle of fish. He really is coming to win and he truly believes that he will win, no matter what it takes. Also being unbeaten as well, this makes him one of Manny's toughest opponents. Not just of recent years either but of his whole boxing career.

If Manny can convincingly beat Timothy Bradley he should be considered as being still on top of his game. I say this because after his last fight against Marquez people were saying that Manny was clearly beaten and that he's on the slip as a fighter. The truth is, Manny has always had severe problems fighting Marquez. I don't think he's on the slip, but rather Marquez put on the performance of a lifetime and also knew the script on Manny having fought him twice already.

So how does Bradley beat Pacquiao. It's will be tough but Pacquiao defensively is pretty open after he has let his own punches go, he does get hit. So it's a matter of timing and speed for Bradley. Timothy Bradley, although nowhere near as fast as Pacquiao, is a very busy fighter with rough house tactics and is also great at working on the inside so he will cause many problems for Manny. Bradley's young, hungry, in superb condition, and not coming to get a pay cheque, he really is coming to win, and with the skills and mindset that he has I think we could be looking at a potential upset in this fight. Bradley, so far, has always found a way to win. Can he do it against one of the absolute best in the sport today.

As for Manny, he just has to be himself. His Power and speed will cause anyone problems right up to the Middleweight division. And the same goes for Bradley in terms of getting hit, he is quite open defensively after throwing his own punches. He stays in the pocket, so Pacquiao can, and will no doubt take advantage of this. But I have to say something, and I know sparring isn't the best measuring stick in terms of what a fighter will do in the ring on fight night, but I was watching Manny in sparring the other day and he was getting tagged all over the place. He didn't look very sharp and was getting caught over and over again. Maybe he was just taking it easy. Hopefully he was. Luckily, there is still some time to go before the fight and more sparring will be taking place so he has time to get serious and sharpen up. This fight is a big test for both fighters.

Prediction: Bradley fights like a man possessed and wins on points.

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boz said...

pacquiao looks less cut up for this fight. bradleys stacked

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