Thursday, 26 July 2012

Whats Next For Amir Khans Boxing Career

Whats Next For Amir Khans Boxing Career

After the crushing defeat suffered by Amir Khan against Danny Garcia the question is where does Amir Khan go from here. Well, Garcia's dad made it pretty clear that his son will not be giving Amir Khan a rematch stating that him and his son will now be moving on to bigger and better things. I think Garcia's dad is right in not giving Khan an instant rematch, why should he. Does anybody think that if Khan would have knocked out Garcia, like he thought he was going to, would you see Khan giving him a rematch. I don't think so. It's only right now that Amir Khan should have to work his way back up by at least having one or two warm up fights against decent opponents before fighting for any major titles. After all, Khan did lose this fight fair and square.

It looked as though Amir Khan took Danny Garcia lightly. Khan expected to blow Garcia away in a few rounds and perhaps he didn't train as hard as he should of. He even stated in an interview that he felt this opportunity for Garcia to fight a prime fighter like himself had come a little early for Garcia. Whether Khan didn't train hard enough or not, does it really make a difference. Like the old saying goes, no matter how hard you train, you can't put muscles on your chin. And the truth of the matter is that Amir Khan got caught with a great punch and couldn't recover fast enough to clear his head in order to tie up, bide time, or box his way out of trouble. Perhaps he was just too macho because of all the talk before the fight and all the expectation that Khan would knock Garcia out quite easily. Khan got sucked into a war and that's not where Khan is at his best. He is in his element jumping in and out of range using boxing skills, which is something he totally neglected after two rounds in this fight.

Some people are saying that Khan should retire after losing the way did. Fair enough, he did get a beating but he is still young and I'm sure he can come back from this defeat and win another world title belt. But saying that, something tells me his management will be very careful match makers in the future. Anyone that can punch will be high risk. People, including possible future opponents for Khan have seen certain holes and weaknesses in Khan's game and will certainly have more confidence going into a fight against Khan knowing that if they apply smart pressure Khan can be stopped. Khan should work on his defence and inside fighting because in the Garcia fight he looked open, had no inside game, and was within range far too often after letting his punches go. His punching power also looked weak and Garcia seemed to walk through Khan's punches unfazed. It will be tough for Khan to come back from this but he can do it.

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