Houston Alexander Talks A Comeback UFC

MMA Digest caught up with former UFC fighter, Houston Alexander and talked about his return to the UFC. Alexander is 41 years old and says he's in better shape now then he was when he was younger. He wasn't a bad fighter when he was fighting in the UFC, he had great striking skills. His last UFC fight was a loss to Kimbo Slice. Alexander wants to make a come back to the UFC and hopefully end his career on a high note. Should he come back at 41? Who knows.

Fighting in any combat sport can be dangerous at any age. But some fighters do get better as they age. However, they are few and far between. Houston Alexander is a heavyweight and there's some big tough guys in his weight class that have remained busy, fighting the best in the division without lay offs. Houston Alexander certainly has his work cut out.

Houston Alexander Talks A Comeback to the UFC Audio Interview

Video Credit: MMA Digest

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