Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tyson Fury Vs Cunningham Head 2 Head

Tyson Fury makes his American debut against Steve Cunningham this weekend, 20th April 2013. Many people think it's an easy win for Fury but he has to be careful. With Cunningham being the smaller guy he will no doubt be looking to land overhand punches, and we have seen how vulnerable Tyson Fury can be to those. He has been dropped and shook by overhand punches numerous times in previous fights against lower level opposition.

What makes this fight more interesting is that Tyson Fury will want to put on a good performance with it being his debut in the USA so we could see him taking some big risks trying to get the knockout. Should be an interesting fight.

Video Credit: Ring Polska

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Anonymous said...

that big man looks scared lol

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