Mayweather Vs Guerrero Head 2 Head

Most of the talking has been done. It's almost fight time. Many people think that this is an easy win for Floyd Mayweather Jr but it really depends on what type of fight plan Robert Guerrero comes into the fight with. If Guerrero becomes the counter puncher in this fight he does stand a chance of making it a closer fight then what most people think. Most of Floyd's recent opponents think that going after him, being the aggressor, making it a rough fight is what they have to do to stand a chance of beating Floyd.

But this only leads to them realising how slippery Floyd is and being left open from missing with their shots and being counter punched all night long. Floyd is a defensive master. If Floyd is forced to do the chasing, and as a result, the first to throw punches, we could see him getting counter punched. He's so used to guys going after him that it could throw him off his game if it was the other way round.

I know this is easier said then done against Floyd Mayweather but it's a game plan that hasn't been used against Floyd for quite some time. But saying that, Guerrero has been talking non stop about how he's gonna bring it to Floyd and take him to war, so I doubt we'll see him try to be the counter puncher and make Floyd use his 36 year old legs in this fight. If he does it could be interesting. Either way, Guerrero comes to fight and no matter what happens he will go out on his shield. Don't miss it.

Video Credit: Ring Polska