Tyson Fury Demands 80% Purse From Haye

The purse wars for this fight are in full effect. Tyson Fury demands 80% of the purse in order to sign the contract to fight David Haye. Is this just silly talk in order to generate more press coverage or is this a serious offer that he will not back down on. If Tyson Fury will not fight David Haye unless he gets 80% in many ways hints that Fury is pricing himself out of the fight on purpose.

In other words he is rather fearful of this fight and knows there's a big chance he will lose. Tyson Fury and David Haye have took to Twitter. Haye said he has tried everything to make this fight happen, offering Fury a fair 50/50 split, but still Fury will not agree.

Fury claims that he is the main attraction and deserves the lions share..Personally I think it should be a 50/50 split. Haye is the bigger attraction having been a unified cruiser weight champion, and heavyweight champion. Fair enough, Fury is in the limelight lately but he does not deserve more then 50%.

If Fury is the fighting man he says he is then he should jump at the chance to make this fight happen and prove he is the best heavyweight in Britain right now. But he is hesitant. I wonder why.. Perhaps he see's an easier route to a Klitschko fight rather then risk his unbeaten record against Haye. 80% is a joke. And not good news for the fans who really wanted to see this fight.

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