Can Tyson Fury Beat David Haye

This is the type of fight that British boxing needs right now. A fight that captures the publics attention and a fight that everyone wants to see. If Haye loses this fight he is finished. Haye has fought at world level for a long time and is a former two weight world champion. So if he loses to Fury it would most probably be the end of his career. Unless he could get a rematch and end up winning. For Tyson Fury this is the fight that will determine where he is the heavyweight division. Is he word class? Or is he what most people think he is, a domestic to European level fighter that just doesn't have the ability to truly dent the world scene. And then there's the magnitude of big fights. Can Fury handle all the pressure that comes with it. There's a lot riding on this fight against Haye. Every things on the line. We don't yet know how Fury can perform under such pressure against a dangerous opponent like Haye.

Fans along with people involved in boxing are very mixed regarding the outcome of this fight. While many are backing David Haye to win this fight by knockout some are saying that if Tyson Fury can get this fight past the first 5 rounds he stands a really good chance of at least making it a much more competitive match. Who knows, he could even go on to win it. But there's one thing that Tyson Fury lacks that will most probably prevent this from happening. Focus. Tyson Fury has terrible focus when it comes to sticking to a game plan for the whole fight. A good example of a fighter with excellent focus is Wladimir Klitschko. He can stick to a particular style and game plan for an entire fight. That's one of the reasons when he's so hard to beat. Of course fitness, skill and ability all have a very important role as well.

But in this case I think it's true that Haye does get tired after 5 or 6 rounds and regardless of Tyson's ability, which I still think is lacking in many areas, he does have a tremendous heart and will to win. He's great in the trenches and has the survivor mentality. He will have to be totally unable to continue for him to get stopped by knockout. With Hayes power that's an outcome that's very possible, but if Fury boxes clever behind a jab, uses his weight to tire out the smaller man, stays focused and defensively minded for the entire fight he could tire Haye out so much that he ends up stopping Haye because of complete exhaustion. Just like what basically happened to Steve Cunningham. He was so tired because the bigger man was walking him down all night and leaning on him that he became a much more stationary target. And we seen the result. Also, for a big man Tyson Fury does have good stamina.

If you have ever fought or sparred with a man that outweighs you by a few stone you will be aware of how tiring it gets after  3 or 4 rounds, specially if the bigger man knows how to use his weight to his advantage. I have been there and let me tell you, it is tough. You have to be in tip top condition to go 12 rounds with a big man like Fury, who knows how to use his weight to his advantage. That's why Haye is looking for a quick knockout of Fury. He knows it could get tough in the middle rounds. Luckily for Haye, Fury's defence is a joke and his ability to box clever is non existent. He yearns for a tear up, but against Haye if he wants to brawl and comes out swinging rather then boxing clever he will be knocked out faster then Audley Harrision was. However, Fury and his trainer, Peter Fury, have said that we will see a different Tyson Fury in this fight. A smart fighter who will show his true potential. So it should be interesting to see what style Fury adopts for this fight. Or are we just wishful thinking and the truth is that he is who he is, he will revert to type, and he can't change how he fights in one training camp. We shall see.

I know that Haye doesn't need to be at his fastest or most hard hitting for this fight due to the level of competition he is facing being rather slow and cumbersome but in some of the training videos I have seen of Haye training for Fury all the comments are saying wow Haye looks great. But I don't think he does. He looks much slower then he used to be (at heavyweight). Almost like he's been doing too much weight training. Perhaps he's focusing more on sheer power then speed. A few people commented on his stomach looking a bit swelled. And yes it was visible. Like Tyson Fury said, I think he's been living the celebrity lifestyle a little too much. And that lifestyle can catch up with you in the late rounds of a fight. If this fight goes late it will be interesting to see what happens. But most money is on an early knockout for Haye. I Also think Haye will stop Fury early but to be honest I want Fury to win. It would be a great achievement if he could rise to the challenge and prove people wrong by actually beating David Haye. Stranger things have happened. Should be a good fight.

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