Saturday, 21 September 2013

David Haye Vs Tyson Fury Is Off

Yes you read correct. Haye Vs Fury has been cancelled. David Haye has sustained a deep cut over his eye while sparring for his fight against Tyson Fury. The cut needed 6 stitches. What the hell was Haye doing sparring so close to the fight wearing no head guard and seemingly going full steam ahead. It has come to light that he was wearing a head guard but regardless of that, shouldn't he have been past the sparring stage with a week to go before the fight. With a week to go until a huge fight most boxers would not risk sparring. Fair enough, some boxers do spar close to a fight with no problems. But the Haye Fury fight is classed as a mega fight and he should not have risked a heavy handed sparring session that close to the fight. Accidents do happen and now the fight is off.

Where does this leave Tyson Fury..What about all the money on the table, there's millions on the line. Not to mention all the disappointed fans. Hopefully, a decent heavyweight can take Hayes place and the night can still go ahead. It's not what people want to see but at least the event still goes ahead. I can't help but feel a bit angry at Haye for being so unprofessional. Get one of Haye's sparring partners for the Fury fight, Deontay Wilder, and let him fill David Hayes place. He is in the UK right now and he has had a fair amount of sparring. Fury Vs Wilder would be a good fight and I think the fans would want to see it.

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Anonymous said...

Hayes an idiot. he pulls out of every fight

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