Wladimir Klitschko Beats Povetkin

In one of the dirtiest fights Ive ever seen Klitschko partake in he manages to beat Povetkin on Points. Povetkin was down numerous times in the fight but only one was a genuine knock down. The other times were Wladimir literally throwing Povetkin to the floor. Klitschko did whatever he had to do to win this fight. The holding down of Povetkin's head and leaning all over him when the two came together was terrible. Povetkin was coming in low but something should have been done by the referee. I'm surprised more points weren't taken away from Klitschko. Credit where it's due, Klitschko landed some impressive combinations and his footwork was excellent. Great jabs and lead right hands. And in particular, one short crisp left hook that sent Povetkin to the canvas.

So all in all it was a good performance by Wladimir. However, Povetkin deserves a lot of credit for this fight. He didn't stop trying to land the big overhand punches even when the fight looked out of reach. Povetkin showed great heart.At one point he was down three times in one round, but the legitimacy of the knockdowns was very questionable. I felt a bit sorry for him because of how dirty Klitschko was being. If Klitschko would have been warned more about leaning on Povetkin and generally fighting dirty, using forearms etc, who knows what effect that could have had on this fight.Wladimir Klitschko wins and did look a to be in a higher class to Povetkin, but in the process he fought the dirtiest fight of his career.

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Shoesales said...

wlad dirty fighter. he says all this stuff about honourable sportsman and look how he fight