Amir Khan Does Not Deserve Mayweather

I'm not saying that Amir Khan isn't a good fighter. He is a good fighter. But Amir Khan does not deserve a shot at Mayweather Jr. There are guys in and around the same weight division that are much more deserving. Whether Khan would give Mayweather a good fight is not even relevant. The fact of the matter is that Amir Khan got destroyed by Danny Garcia. Then after that knockout loss he decided to take a warm up fight against Julio Diaz, which was meant to make Amir Khan look impressive, and still Khan looked terrible.

He was even knocked down in the forth round and was fairly lucky to get the win. If Diaz would have been a puncher it's possible that Khan would have been stopped again. And now, with a year out of the ring your telling me he is worthy of a Mayweather fight..What is happening to boxing. We all know that it's a business but it's getting to the stage where it ALL seems to be about business. Usually a fighter would have to Earn a shot at the big time by taking on the top fighters and winning the fights in impressive fashion. Khan has not been doing that.

Danny Garcia and Timothy Bradley are much more deserving for a fight with Mayweather. Even Marcos Maidana or Manny Pacquiao (if both sides can agree terms) are more deserving then Amir Khan. And they would all still be big fights in the USA, generating a huge amount of money. I guess we'll have to see what happens within the next few weeks to see if Khan Vs Mayweather is going ahead. Make no mistake it would be a massive fight in the USA or the UK, but regardless of anything else, a fighter should have to earn a shot, not be handed a shot because it makes sense financially.

I mean, How much money does Mayweather actually need. Surely, even if by fighting Amir Khan Mayweather earned a few million more then if he faced the other fighters mentioned, shouldn't Mayweather actually want to fight the best. If he does hes not doing so by facing Khan in his next fight. Maybe he wants another easy nights work..But doesn't this spell danger for Mayweather. With Khan looking terrible in his last few fights, If Mayweather fights Khan and doesn't stop him, knock him down like Diaz did in the last fight, or Khan does much better then expected, won't that be a negative for Mayweather. People will be saying, Well Garcia stopped Khan, Diaz dropped him, but Mayweather couldn't do sh*t with him.

Or maybe that's what he want's in order to look vulnerable so to set up a huge fight with one of the fighters mentioned here such as Garcia with people thinking it's more evenly matched because Mayweather got the win against Khan but didn't look very good doing it. So in turn it makes even more money. Who knows for sure. Time will tell. Truth is, Mayweather would be too fast for Garcia but he is still much more deserving of sharing the ring with Mayweather then his old knockout victim Khan is.Amir Khan should fight Kell Brook. That would be a good fight which is what a lot of the UK fight fans want to see because there is some genuine rivalry between Khan and Brook. It would also do well money wise.

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