Briggs Angry Klitschko Press Conference

Shannon Briggs storms the Wladimir Vs Leapai final press conference talking sh%t and throwing his weight around. I don't even know why I'm giving this guy any coverage by showing this video, but I thought my visitors might find it amusing. Shannon Briggs must be out of money because he has been following Wladimir Klitschko like a stalker demanding a title shot. He wants a Title shot, and is convinced he can talk his way into one. I think he's forgot the total one sided beating he got at the hands of Vitali Klitschko a few years back. I seriously think Briggs might have brain damage.

If Briggs should get another title shot he should have to earn it, not talk a bit of smack and end up getting a huge payday. He was a good fighter in his prime with good power, but his best days are behind him. It is amusing and adds a bit of excitement, but he has become a bit of an embarrassment. He talks a good one but then doesn't deliver in the ring when it counts. He just wants a pay day-desperately!.


Anonymous said...

if briggs were to take on the up an comers..wilder Fury and beat em. Then yeah get a shot. until then stfu joker u had ur shots and lost

/LL/ said...

Sweating like a druggie doing a cold turkey. He must Ssstink!