Monday, 12 January 2015

Deontay Wilder Vs Bermane Stiverne

As much as I am a fan of the Klitschkos, the heavweight boxing scene does seem a little bit dead. Maybe if Wladimir starting fighting in the USA or UK we could see a huge revival of interest in the heavyweight division again. There has been some talk of Wladimir coming to some kind of fight deal with certain American broadcasting companies so that he can fight in America. If that becomes reality it would be a great move for the sport in general. The champion of the world should be known to the whole world. After all, the heavyweight champion chip of the world is, in my opinon, the greatest title of all the sports. Lets hope Wladimir goes to the USA to fight.

But in saying that, do we really need him..I do regard Wladimir as the true undisputed heavyweight champion at this time, and whoever wins between Wilder and Stiverne would have to beat Wladimir to be considered as the real champion. I don't think neither of them could beat Wladimir. But with Vitali Klitschko retiring, and his belt, the WBC title coming up for grabs, we already have the greatest belt of them all back in contention.

And this weekend Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne will slug it out to see who the champ is. If you've been reading on the boxing forums or related youtube videos you would have seen how much interest this fight has generated. You would also no doubt have seen that everything about this fight has already been said. Deontay wins easy, Deontay 1 punch KO, Stiverne has too much experience, Stiverne has good wins over tall fighters etc. Fans are totally split in half. This is a real 50/50 fight, and that's what makes it so interesting. Unlike a lot of Wladimirs recent fights, no one really knows with any certainty what the outcome of this fight will be. Boxing great, James "Lights Out" Toney thinks this fight is a mismatch and Stiverne wins easy. You just never know what can happen in boxing.

Deontay Wilder does have serious firepower in that right hand. Theres no doubt about it, he is extremely powerful and rangey. But after watching a lot of his fights it's clear to see that he's very reckless. He swings for the fences leaving himself wide open for counter shots, and against Stiverne, who is a really good counter puncher, that is a dangerous way to fight. It's OK fighting like that against mediocre opposition but he will have to be much more defensively minded and careful against a good operator like Stiverne. What else does Deontay really have other then the huge right hand? I haven't seen that much else. In saying that, as reckless as he is, Deontay does have the power to land one shot, even through Stivernes guard, and end this fight at any time. Wilder has never gone past 4 rounds so no one really knows what will happen if Stiverne can weather the early storm and take Wilder deep into the champion chip rounds. Can Wilder dig deep, box and stay tight defensively when it's need, and just as importantly, when he's tired..We are yet to find out.

Yes, Wilder does have a few major flaws but so does Stiverne. He can be quite static at times. He waits on the ropes frequently with his guard up. We seen this when he fought Arreola, he won both fights, but Arreola did get through with some really good punches that rocked Stiverne. If Stiverne thinks he can stay in range with his guard up and take punches from Wilder he's going to be waking up in the dressing room minus the title. Stiverne does have a good chin, he has never been knocked out. His only TKO loss was against Demetrice King and that fight was stopped prematurely. However, he was definitely shook, and this was another example of how much Stiverne is there to be hit. Good chin or not, it's not something you want getting tested against a puncher like Wilder.

Bermane Stiverne has fought the better opposition but not really by as big of a margin as most people are making out. The best fighter on his record by far is Chris Arreola. Credit where it's due, Stiverne battered Arreola in both bouts. He passed the acid test against a tough fighter and proved he's a level above. He has a good boxing brain. But in many ways there are big question marks over both fighters. Both have been wobbled, they each have their flaws, but Stiverne is the most battle hardened and tested. Make no mistake about it, Stiverne is a banger too, he can punch. He goes to the body well and mixes up his shots nicely. We could well see a beautiful knockout counter punch from Stiverne in this fight. He does have a good record against tall fighters. People say he was losing against Journey man Ray Austin, he was, but this is a 12 round game and the bottom line is Stiverne won by stoppage.

In terms of personality's, the majority of boxing fans want a charismatic champion with personality and charm. But the fight result isn't decided on who has the best personality in front of the camera. If it was Stiverne is all out of luck. Stiverne is a no nonsense guy. He does his talking in the ring. He reminds me of the sportsmen of old that do huge streaks of sexual abstinence in order to be at their optimum level of performance physically and mentally come fight night. He just has that kind of persona about him. The charisma part of things are great but you need the boxing fundamentals first and foremost. And we are yet to really see if Wilder possesses those quality's as much as he needs to, because so far he hasn't really been tested. He will be tested this weekend. This will be a tough fight for both men. Predictions are hard for this match up. But any way you look at it someone is getting knocked out. I agree with what some fans are saying, it's going to either be an early KO win for Wilder, or a late stoppage win for Stiverne. Watch now, with how unpredictable boxing is, the fight will go the distance!

So what else is there to say? Not much. It's time for them to get in the ring and fight. Lets see what happens. May the best man win. Don't miss it. How long will the winner hold the belt for? Wladimir Klitschko is gunning for that final belt to add to his collection.. If he can secure a fight against whoever the winner is on Saturday night, the winners reign might not be that long at all. However, it would be a good fight for heavyweight boxing. The winner fights Wladimir in America with all the belts on the line. That would be a huge fight. Something tells me that won't happen straight away, a few easier title defences might come first!Unless the money is right.

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