Canelo Looking Super Fast For GGG 2

Talk of Canelo looking slimmer for the rematch against Triple G seems to be on point. In this video he does look like he's slimmed down. In the process he has improved his punching speed like never before. This may indicate that Canelo is going to try and do a Mayweather on Golovkin. Land extremely fast combinations, get out of range and avoid any counter punches that come his way, and in the process make Golovkin miss and look silly. Sounds great, but pulling it off, especially for a full 12 rounds, is another thing all together.

Who says he can't. Whatever people may say about Canelo regarding "running" in the last fight, and with all the steroid allegations, the truth is, he is an excellent counter puncher. And with so much more speed, and with him now also being slimmer, he may have better stamina in the rematch. This makes things more exciting. If that is the game plan for Canelo, to be too fast and make GGG look slow and ponderous, it will be interesting to see how Golovkin adapts. He will need to be much better at cutting the ring off than he was in the first fight. And he will need to start much quicker, applying pressure, landing more body punches. But this then leaves him open for counters. Makes for an interesting fight. Don't miss it.