Monday, 17 November 2008

I Don't Want To Fight - Do You Have A Choice?

I Don't Want To Fight

Many, if not all of us would rather not fight. The thought alone of trading blows with another person scares a lot of people. But what happens if you need to fight. What do you do if you have to fight? To defend yourself or a loved one? Would you fight. Or would you flight.

Personally i feel that EVERYONE should have some fighting skills, even people that have never had a fight in their lives, because at some point it catches up with you and at some stage YOU will have to fight. And when that day comes, if you don't perform like you thought you would then your going to question yourself. And think, if only i knew how to fight. Many of these type of people are the ones that join a Martial Arts school or Boxing Gym for a few months, until the shame of what happened to them wears away..Then they stop going. And they forget how much they needed the knowledge and clearness of mind to react accordingly in a fight situation- until the next time something happens and their not prepared to deal with it. Then the same questions go over in their mind. Then they want to learn how to fight again, until it wears off again.

With the world getting worse, if you ever needed to know how to defend yourself, IT's NOW.

So many unprovoked attacks, gangs , skitszos running around. I know what your thinking, these days loads of people carry weapons, knifes, guns! etc. But i tell you this, if you are in good shape and do something like boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling or any other fighting art, you are much much more able to deal with a weapon attack then if you do no training at all..Doing a fighting art puts your mental state much higher then someone that doesnt. You think more quickly and clearly. Your reaction time is much quicker, way more confident. You can see if trouble is going to start much quicker and try to avoid it before it happens. To be continued.

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