Saturday, 20 December 2008

Evander Holyfield vs Nikolai Valuev

Evander Holyfield vs Nikolai Valuev

Holyfield Robbed In His fight With Valuev.

This fight is being looked as unfair, many people are questioning why Evander Holyfield has got this Heavyweight Title fight, most people think he didn't deserve it,basically it's his name that has made this fight happen, he is so well known and established as one of the all time greats, i think he desrerves this shot.

Wheather that's a safe choice or not is another matter altogether, Holyfiled is 46 years old! Is it the right option to even allow him to fight, should the boxing board of control of said no and protected him from himself. But what can we expect them to do? He past all health checks and is healthy and wants to fight.

Evander Holyfield vs Nikolai Valuev should be interesting, what does Evander Holyfield have left. He has prepared well for this fight, but could Nikolai Valuev just be too big, at this stage of Holyfields career to land some effective punches. Nikolai Valuev is massive in size, and from watching the weigh in, i think Evander Holyfield will have serious problems trying to connect flush in Valuev's face due to the sheer size difference, Holyfield has to work the body to bring the hands down then go for the head shots.

Evander Holyfield still has great power and determination and he has caused upsets many times in the past, so there's no way im going to say Nikolai Valuev will win this fight. You just cannot write off Evander Holyfield.

Nikolai Valuev isn't even a good boxer or puncher, it's his size that has been the problem for all the fighters that have faced him. He is very cumbersome and slow. But he is so big, it's laughable.

If Evander Holyfield does win the title from Nikolai Valuev, where does it end for Holyfield? In some ways i think it's safer if he loses, maybe he will retire then. If he wins, he will keep on fighting which could be dangerous.

I really hope Evander Holyfield can win this fight, but has age caught up with him too much now..We will have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

The beast from the east will crush holyfield. He should retire now.

G money said...

Valuev is so big, he saps the strength from boxers, he has no skill at all.

Anonymous said...

What is boxing coming to robbing the real deal holyfield like that.

OMG Holyfield ROBBED said...

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Anonymous said...

Is holyfield still trying to win the heavyweight title again?

Or has he finally seen sense..

joomla said...

Nikolai is a beast of a man. Im curious why he was so big? His mom and dad were small in comparison. Was it some mix up with his genetic make up? Why is he so big?

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