Talks Between Mayweather Pacquiao To Continue

Talks Between Mayweather Pacquiao To Continue

There may be a small chance of hope that this fight will still take place. Both camps will be meeting up in California to try and talk through some kind of agreement or common ground, so that the fight can take place. There is too much money at stake for this fight not to be given every chance of happening.

I am getting a bit sick of it though now, all the yes, it's on, then, no it's off. It's getting annoying.

Pacquiao and his camp want an apology from the Mayweather camp for the false speculations against him taking steroids. The best thing for Floyd and his camp is to just swallow their pride and apologise for the accusations and move forward. Let the Nevada commission handle the drug/steroid testing. And both fighters just get in the best shape of their lives, ready to fight the fight of their lives.

We will have to wait and see how the meeting goes. Providing each camp can be fair with the other, and don't want rules / terms put in place that are not reasonable, i see no reason why this fight cannot take place.


Yet again, the meeting between both camps has taken place, but they could not reach an agreement. Talks have broken down, and Manny has had enough and is moving on, to most probably fighting Yuri Foreman.

Floyd Mayweather might be fighting Paulie Malignaggi. I wonder if Floyd will demand the same drug testing from him that he was wanting from Manny..


Manny Pacquiao To Face Joshua Clottey On March 13

This fight isn't confirmed, but it looks very possible to get the go-ahead for March 13. This should be a good fight. Clottey is a solid boxer, never been on the canvas. Floyd Mayweather was feeling left out!, saying he was disgusted with Manny Pacquiao and his representatives..He sounded as if he was totally gutted because Manny Pacquiao has moved on to face someone else. Floyd thought they needed him badly, would wait around, and be messed about forever..Looks like they just had enough. Floyd missed out, his tactics didn't work.


Anonymous said...

can these guys make up ther minds already

Anonymous said...

pee n fight floyd

lonnie zamora said...

plz let the talk go well, wanna see pac smack that b"*th

ew said...

mayweather needs pacman more then pacman needs him

Anonymous said...

fight will happen when floyd puts the dummy back in his mouth

kertchan said...

Mayweather Pacquiao is the p4p No1

Mayweather is even scared of fighting a smaller guy, he has no heart or courage.

Look at Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao, fights anyone, shows enormous heart.

floyds terrified!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha

{profit__+ said...

How can floyd be such a coward

"all roads lead to floyd mayweather"

No they dont floyd - stop kidding urself

Anonymous said...

clotteys tough ..hard fight for the pacman

Anonymous said...

whos floyd fighting then?