Monday, 16 February 2009

Clinton Woods Beats Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi

Clinton Woods Beats Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi

After a fairly impressive performance by Clinton Woods against Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi, Woods is now in line to face the winner of Chad Dawson Vs Antonio Tarver.

Clinton Woods comfortably beat Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi, a fight which many people thought he would struggle with. Clinton said he would retire if he lost this fight, so i guess he is back in contention. I must say though, on a previous post i wrote, i did say he would win this fight. The main factor is the next fight and Clinton Woods confidence, he seemed OK with the banter Antonio Tarver was throwing at him all the way through the weight-in and press conferences of their last fight, but come fight night and he just froze, everything clearly got to him and made him not perform.

This is worrying, let's say he fights Antonio Tarver again, if he does, i think he will have some serious confidence issues again. If he fights Chad Dawson i also think he will have confidence issues, like he mostly does all the time against someone he's meant to lose against. He just never rises to the occasion.

On this outing, whether it be against Tarver or Dawson, i really hope he can put on the performance of his whole career and win in style to capture the world title, he has the ability and skill, he just needs to believe in himself more.

I wish him luck.

Watch footage of Clinton Woods decorating after the fight with The Kosovo Kid.

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