My Fight With A Gypsy

My Fight With A Gypsy

I have always remembered this event, in some ways i think it made me aware of who i was, or who i could be when pushed. It also gave me a taste of having to fight when your scared of the person your fighting, which i have experienced a few times after this event.

Where i used to live, there was a gypsy camp nearby and some of the Gypsy's used to go to my school, they weren't very clever in school and had problems with reading and writing. Gypsy's are known for their fighting, there not scared of many people. Anyway when i was younger, the Gypsy's would come down to my area and hang about with me sometimes. They were always wanting to fight people, they were totally obsessed with "who can win out of you and him in a fight"

On one particular day a few of the Gypsy's came down to my area, more then usual, they had cousins with them. All the Gypsy's were broad lads, big built, big masculine heads which looked like they could take a good punch, they were pumping weights from an early age and were brought up rough, i too was brought up pretty rough, but not as rough as the Gypsy's, i at least lived in a house on an estate, not on grass land in a caravan.

So, back to fight, the Gypsy's came down with their cousins etc. We were walking down the road, in two crowds, one in front of the other, i was in the crowd at the front walking and talking when, out of nowhere i felt a tap on my shoulder, heard my name get called, i turned round and bang, i got punched in the face ( in the mouth), i got Judas sucker punched!. My mouth was bleeding, but to be honest i didn't do anything in retaliation because i knew if i was to fight with the gypsy and win, all the other Gypsy's would join in and beat me up, so although i was angry as hell i bided my time. Why did he do that your thinking?

There was no reason, i didn't even know him, never spoke to him in my life. That was what the Gypsy's were like, OK one minute, punch you in the face the next. They must of planned it between each other while i was just walking oblivious to what was about to happen. They just loved fighting.

Anyway, a bit later on in the day we met up with some lads from my area, who were hanging about, so now there was more people from my area then Gypsy's, and the people from my area didn't know the Gypsy's, so there was a bit of friction there. It was never mentioned that one of them had punched me in the face earlier because i didn't want to start any trouble, although i was very mad from being punched. Anyway, the friction between lads from my area and the Gypsy's was heating up a bit because the Gypsy's were talking about fighting again There was this one guy from my area, he was a tall black guy, who had a tumor in his head, his head was big and he looked very intimidating, he was a brave guy.

He went over to these Gypsy's, because they were acting hard, and started on them! He said "come on then". The Gypsy's were taken aback and looked scared of this guy, like i said he did look very big and mean, the Gypsy's didn't know he had a brain tumor and one punch would probably kill him.

But not knowing how to handle this intimidating, unpredictable guy, the Gypsy's tried to become friends with him by turning on me again. The gypsy that had punched me in the face earlier started coming towards me, thinking he was going to have an easy ride just like earlier, but i knew, having the guy with the tumor there, none of the other Gypsy's would join in because he did a good job of putting the frighteners on them, also there was now a good few lads from my area with us, most of them weren't fighters, but still it made up the numbers a little. This was my chance to get my own back, so as he came toward me to punch me again, i threw a double punch with the same hand, it was like a spring loaded gun "bang bang", down he went! K.O'd! What a shock he got, expecting to batter me and look good in front of about 20 people, and got knocked out himself.

One of the other Gypsy's picked him up, looked into his face, pressed on the instant mouse i gave him from the punches below his eye and said "I'm taking you home".

Victory, in the end, was mine. Everyone that was there was saying "you can fight", "see those punches" etc etc. I was so happy. I was so glad that i got him back, they were bully's and deserved a bit of their own medicine.

This story goes out to the guy who had the brain tumor - Darren - Without you there i would never of had the courage to fight back because there was too many Gypsy's and only me alone. Darren doesn't know how much he helped me that day, and to be honest, in some ways i think it made me who i am today.If i didn't have the chance to get the gypsy back, i think that would of deeply affected my confidence for the worse, instead it affected it for the better.

You saved me that day - Thank You Darren - R.I.P

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earl said...

great story. clapping a gypsy took some guts, fair play to ya man