Friday, 13 February 2009

Clinton Woods Vs Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi

Clinton Woods Vs Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi

So, Clinton Woods is fighting Elvir Muriqi on Feb 14th 2009, which should be a good fight. Although i must say, Clinton Woods has had a tendency to under perform on fight night on quite a few occasions, just look at his last fight against Antonio Tarver, Tarver looked terrible but still convincingly beat Clinton, and beat him badly. I could not believe how Clinton Woods performed, or under performed.

Personally i think Clinton Woods should hang up his gloves, fair play to him, he has been a world champion, and he is not a bad fighter, but his confidence issues cost him the big fights.

Clinton Woods Vs Elvir Muriqi should be a good fight for Woods as he has much more experience at world level then Elvir Muriqi. But with Clinton Woods now 37 years old, and with some tough fights in the bag, maybe he has just come to the end of the road, we shall see.

Theres always that niggling thing inside me with Clinton Woods, he will do well in this fight, he will win in style, but then when it comes to a title shot or big name fight, he never performs on the night like we know he can, which is a real shame because he is a nice guy, a good example of an honest fighter.

This should be a good tune up fight for Woods, i don't see Elvir Muriqi winning this fight, he has lost to much less experienced fighters. But he does have some good combinations and possess some power, so who knows, he could pull off an upset.

The winner from this fight will go on to face Chad Dawson later in the year. So this fight is a genuine world title eliminator. May the best man win.

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Tuba said...

Does this win prove anything for woods?

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